Our Process

You no longer need a closet full of clothes because we bring your dream closet to you. Leave it to us to make renting easy, convenient, and magical.

Dream Fulfillment Centers

Located in Secaucus, New Jersey and Dallas, Texas, our state-of-the-art fulfillment centers are filled with hundreds of thousands of designer styles – tops, pants, skirts, jackets, cocktail dresses, gowns, handbags, jewelry, and more. And it is all just a click away! That might sound magical, because it is. That’s why we refer to them as our 'Dream Fulfillment Centers.'

Quality & Care

Our team of experts provide the utmost care and skill to ensure everything arrives clean, excellent condition. All items go through a rigorous quality inspection. We handle the cleaning (fun fact: we have a dedicated garment science team!) and repair or restoration, right down to every last sequin and seam.

Read more on our cleaning and care practices here.

Technology & Logistics Backbone

Every time you rent, our proprietary technology and reverse logistics operation (which we’ve spent over a decade developing!) kick into action to seamlessly and efficiently deliver your order. We ship in reusable garment bags for your convenience and to minimize packaging waste. Plus, returns are easy with a prepaid shipping label included.

Building a Better Future for Fashion

We’re on a mission to reduce fashion’s environmental impact, one rental at a time.