Consider This Before Choosing What Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

Like choosing bridesmaid dresses, finding the right photographer and deciding on the design of your wedding cake, ironing out the details of your drink menu is a wedding detail that’s simply unavoidable. And while it might seem easy, steps like these often take up way more time and energy than you think.

Since you likely have way better things to do than fret over the offerings of your open bar, we did the work for you. With the help of top-notch mixologist Mia Mastroianni — the badass lady behind the bar at Soho House in West Hollywood — we put together a list of the best signature cocktails to serve at your wedding.

The best part? Mia sorted her favorites by season, so you can serve the ideal cocktail for your specific wedding date. Scroll to discover the best signature drink by season.


Winter: Negroni



Photo: Salt & Wind


“In the winter, I like to drink negroinis, which are equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth,” says Mia. “It’s a sipping cocktail and it’s a bit heavier, but I think it really plays well with the winter season.” We couldn’t agree more. Consider this cocktail if you seek to set a chic, upscale mood at your event. Black tie wedding, anyone?


Spring: Aperol Spritz



Photo:  A Beautiful Mess


Mia is a fan of the aperol sptriz for more playful for spring affairs: “It’s a champagne cocktail, with a little aperol and soda water. It’s light, it’s refreshing, it’s an easy sipper and it just pairs so well for spring.” Our favorite part of this delicious treat is its bright, happy hue. The orangey-red color looks lovely when topped off with an herb like thyme or rosemary. Calling this cocktail Instagram-worthy would be an understatement.


Summer: Mai Tai



Photo: Holly and Flora


“If you’re getting married in the summer, you might want to go with something tiki, like a mai tai,” recommends Mia. The spiced rum beverage will help you and your guests channel laid back island vibes. What more could you want for a warm weather celebration?


Fall: Hot Toddy



Photo: The Wanderlust Kitchen


As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures dip, Mia suggests heating things up at the bar. “For the fall when it starts to get cold, I love a hot toddy because it’s warm and comforting.” The cocktail is perfect for building a cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for smaller, more intimate gatherings.


Main image credit: A Beautiful Mess