This is How Long it Really Takes the Average Woman to Get Ready

Ever feel like you take forever to get ready? Well, according to a study conducted by clothing company Marks & Spencer, you’re not alone. Deciding what to wear can be an extremely time-consuming part of a woman’s day.

How much time, exactly? The study, consisting of 2,000 responses, found that it differs drastically depending on whether she’s getting ready for work or a night out.

The average woman spends 27 minutes getting ready for work. “The time increases in the evening,” reports Lucie Morris of the Daily Mail, “with the average woman taking 54 minutes preparing for a girls’ night out.” We get that. Evening events, whether a casual drink with the girls or a formal black tie affair, typically call for dressier attire, which is more difficult to throw on and go. Plus, nighttime outings often come with photo ops (often broadcasted on social media), so it’s natural to spend more time prepping.

Although it’s normal, should we accept this daily tussle with our wardrobe? Call us biased, but we say “no.” Prepping for your day doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can actually be fun if you know the right shortcuts. Ahead, see a few of our go-to tips for cutting down the time it takes to get out the door.


Tip 1: Mix and match like a stylist.



Vest, Adrienne Landau; Bag, Loeffler Randall; Photo, It’s Julien


Using the Base-Accent-Pop method, you can pull a look together with seemingly random pieces. And, the best part is, you can do this in seconds. Read the tutorial here. Still need more help? This guiding principle ensures your outfits are always proportional.


Tip 2: Pick out the right hairstyle for your dress.



Dress, KAUFMANFRANCO; Photo, Alicia Tenise


Picking out the right hairstyle for your dress can be a major challenge. Instead of scrolling through pages and pages of Pinterest inspiration, use this guide instead.


Tip 3: Keep these hacks in your back pocket when unexpected wardrobe malfunctions arise.



Coat, Elizabeth and James; Photo, Lavenda’s Closet


Sometimes the hardest part about getting ready is dealing with the unexpected flukes that come up, like getting toothpaste on your blouse or dealing with a zipper that’s stuck. Memorize these hacks and be prepared. Get deodorant on your dress? This is how to erase it FAST. Spill coffee on your blazer? This stain removal secret is your best friend. New shoes hurt your feet? Break them in overnight with this trick.


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Main image credit: Cobalt Chronicles