6 Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together in Photos

Confidence in front of the camera is an art not a science. And it certainly isn’t mastered over night. You have to, as strange as it seems, practice to achieve a photo-ready presence that’s calm, cool and collected. Half of the battle is learning to be yourself in front of the lens, which is something that can never be taught. It’s a trust you build with yourself. Once you’ve committed to flaunting your inner star on film, it’s a matter of looking to other women who have nailed this skill for inspiration.

Whether you’re prepping for an engagement shoot, work headshot or just trying to up your Instagram game, take note of what photogenic women always do in front of the camera below.


1. They’ve mastered the perfect neck tilt.




Photo: It’s Julien; Shop: Dress, See by Chloe


You might think the position of your head is the key to looking your best in a photo, but, as it turns out, it’s actually your neck. To master that perfect head tilt, push your neck back, asserting your chin forward. This simple move adds more attitude to your look. Plus, you’ll notice a more defined jawline. (Score.)


2. They know pockets are the secret to making a solo shot less awkward.




Photo: Simply Cyn; Shop: Dress, Tanya Taylor; Jacket, Asilio


Taking a photo alone is like showing up to a date early. It’s just downright uncomfortable. Avoid looking stiff in a solo shot by placing your hands in your pockets and turning to the side. The pose looks simple and natural. Once you’ve mastered this, practice Tyra’s famous ‘smizing’ tip (smiling with your eyes, of course) and nail the sexy half smile. Pair this with the pose and you’ll be a photogenic pro.


3. They’ve mastered the ‘lifestyle laugh.’


thebrooklynstylist_rent-the-runway-683x1024 2.jpg


Photo: Rima Brindamour for The Brooklyn Stylist; Shop: Bag left, Anya Hindmarch; Vest right, Marissa Webb; Bag right, Opening Ceremony


For those of you who have trouble keeping a straight face, allow us to introduce you to the lifestyle laugh. To spice up the energy of a photo, make yourself chuckle instead of settling for a stiff smile. Borrow this blogger-approved technique to instantly add movement to the frame of your photo. Don’t know what to do with your hands while staging a natural-seeming giggle? Comb your fingers through your hair to combat lanky, aimless arms.


5. They use the classic red carpet ankle cross.


jennifer-lake-cmeo-blue-01 2.jpg


Photo: Style Charade; Shop: Dress, C/MEO COLLECTIVE


Ever wonder how celebs always look so slim on the red carpet? They make use of the good old fashioned ankle cross. This move involves crisscrossing your ankles and shifting your weight to the front foot. The pose elongates your legs, defines your waist and encourages straighter posture. Pro tip: a pair of lace-up heels takes this look to the next level.


5. They wear clothes that make them feel comfortable.


retro-rose-2 2.jpg


Photo: Retro Rose; Shop: Coat, Slate & Willow


Developing personal style is an exercise in self-discovery. You have to experiment to find what works best for you. Find your eyes pop when you’re in blue? Do you love how your hair shines against black? Love how your legs look in midi skirts? Take note of what makes you feel most comfortable and go for it. This ease and self-awareness comes across in photos. You’ll stand straighter, smile brighter and look more effortless when you are staying true to yourself. It sounds obvious, but it works.


6. They know how to work their face shape.


renttherunway_sunofloraldress-21 2.jpg


Photo: Alicial Tenise; Shop: Dress, Suno; Bag, Opening Ceremony


No one fits into a perfect box, like a body type or skin tone category, but sometimes it’s helpful to use these rubrics as jumping off points when exploring your unique personal style. Use your ‘face shape’ in the same way when practicing your photo skills. Find the angles that showcase where the light hits your face (e.g. your nose, cheekbones, etc.) and play to those areas when posing for the camera. Bonus points for those who take these areas into account when choosing their hair part.


Photo credit: Fashion Steele wearing camilla and marc & Tibi