Kristen M.

entrepreneur-skincare | Texas

Member since February 2020

Personal Details

Age: 39 years
Location: HOUSTON, TX
Occupation: entrepreneur-skincare
Member since: February 2020
Height: 5'6"
Size: 14 | Bust Size: 38DD
Rents for: Work, Events

How does having access to the Unlimited Closet make you feel?

Being a RTR member has really changed my life! I no longer stand in the closet before events wondering what to wear and what will fit. I love being on trend constantly and the ease of it all.

How has RTR saved you money/time or changed the way you shop?

RTR has saved me time AND money! I simply browse my saved choices and 2 days...sometimes one new wardrobe is on my doorstep. I love paying one monthly fee for endless pieces vs $120 for one dress i may wear twice.

How much do you estimate you spent on clothing and clothing-related services before joining RTR? Now that you’re a member?

Maybe 3 grand a year.

What have you discovered about your style or your approach to getting dressed since becoming an RTR member?

I'm more willing to play with prints and I'm wearing more dresses.

What else do you love about your membership?

I love the weekly uploads! The choices are all so amazing.


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