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Your personal style in three words: Fashionista. Colorful. Glitter.
Trendy or Classic: Trendy! I like to try anything and everything. I’m a girl from the North, who went to college in the South, who’s in love with Los Angeles but works in New York City!
Brand that embodies your personality and why: Starbucks because I’m basically a walking venti hazelnut iced coffee. I drink it at least once a day.
Dying to rent: A huge luxury yacht to take me scuba diving all over the world!
My Closet is: Mostly on my floor and overflowing with all different colors and styles.
Getting ready ritual: Usually starting at least 2 hours before I have to be anywhere because I always get distracted and make a million outfit changes. Also includes either catching up on all the TV shows I watch or blasting music.
Favorite fashion personality: Lauren Conrad. She’s the definition of perfection.
Before you rented the runway: I was bleeding purple and gold as a School of Media Arts & Design (SMAD) major with a concentration in Journalism at James Madison University (GO DUKES!). I was the Fashion & Lifestyle intern for E! News, and have also interned for ThePeggy Siegal Company, Collegefashionista.com, Rent the Runway (as a campus rep!), WHSV-TV 3 Harrisonburg and Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia!
Favorite thing about Rent the Runway: Having the opportunity to wear thousands of gorgeous designer gowns while on a budget!