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Evan Wexler

VP, Supply Chain

Your personal style in three words: Comfortable, traditional, casual
Trendy or Classic: Classic
Brand that embodies your personality and why: Florida Gators: Confident, fun, driven, and loyal
Dying to rent: A private plane so I can travel without any hassle
My Closet is: Cluttered and full of button downs, polos, slacks, and jeans, half of which need to be thrown away
Getting ready ritual: Quickly showering and throwing something on so I have time to put my feet up and catch the last minutes of whatever sporting event is on before I head out
Favorite fashion personality: My dad…any guy that can pull off the short sleeve button down dress shirt on a daily basis for 20+ years gets my respect
Before you rented the runway: Helped optimize supply chains, logistics, and operations for big companies and startups, including Office Depot and Zipcar
Favorite thing about Rent the Runway: The positive energy and focus of the team, the chance to revolutionize an industry, and helping women look and feel beautiful