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Sign up and you'll receive your Summer Style Pass via email. Select a dress, backup size and an accessory for any 3 occasions this summer.*

  • How does it work?

    You will be charged for your 3 months upfront ($225). Once you complete your purchase, you will receive 3 unique codes via email redeemable for 3 outfits. These codes can be used anytime during the summer through August 31.

  • How long are my codes valid?

    All codes must be used by August 31, and all orders must be delivered by August 31. Each code can be redeemed only once. Expired codes are not eligible for redemption.

  • What items can I rent with this program?

    Dresses under $200 and accessories under $50 are eligible for inclusion in the Summer Style Pass orders. One backup size is included. Additional items such as a second style for $25 or items for purchase may be added to your order for additional fees.

  • How do I book my orders?

    Within 24 hours of your style pass purchase, you will receive 3 unique promotion codes for use this summer. At checkout, input a unique code (into the text field marked “promo code”) and your order will be processed with no additional charges. Shipping and insurance costs are included in the membership fees.

  • What’s the cancellation policy?

    The summer style code cannot be cancelled. If the dress does not fit, our regular return policies apply: Please refer to:

  • Any other details I should know?

    Normal late fees apply. The dress and the accessory must both have the same rental date. All rentals must be 4 day rentals.

*Each Summer Style Pass promotion code is valid for 1 four-day rental including 1 dress + free back-up size (in the same style) at the rental price point up to $200 and 1 accessory rental at the rental price point up to $50. Rental start date must fall between 6/1/13 and 8/31/13. No refund or merchandise credit will be issued for unused codes. Additional items for sale and rent will be paid for at the price listed. This offer is non-transferable, cannot be combined with other promotions or gift cards, and is not applicable on current or previously placed orders. Offer is not valid for redemption in the Manhattan showroom or for same-day & next-day deliveries.

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Save at least $14.95 on every order and rent like a pro all year long. Details
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