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Lacework Drop Earrings
Rental $30 Retail $195
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Interlocking gold details make for the perfect statement earrings! These stunners by Oscar de la Renta are a gorgeous addition to your gala look.
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Antiqued loop earrings in Russain gold. Nickel-free / lead-free / cadmium-free. Clip backs with comfort pads. 2.5" long.
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True to Size
Top Contributor
Usually wears: 10
Height: 5' 10"
Age: 33
Bust size: 34D
Body type: Full Bust
Weight: 156 lbs
Canonical User Type: 7544
Mar 2, 2014
Nice and stately
Rented for: Formal Affair
these earrings were a RTR stylist add on and they complimented the dress I was wearing nicely
Top Contributor
Usually wears: 8
Height: 5' 8"
Age: 33
Bust size: 34D
Body type: Hourglass
Weight: 160 lbs
Canonical User Type: 6544
Jan 25, 2014
Glam up game night!
Overall fit: Large
Rented for: Date
I rented these earrings to glam up my Fiday night basketball game outfit. I don't have pierced ears and large jewlery isn't really my style but these were too much fun to resist! They were a little bit bigger than I expected which means they are a little heavy (my ear lobes hurt a bit by the end of the night). All of that aside, they added a great touch to my jersey & skinny jean outfit and would definitely rent them again for a night out! Also they must have a little luck in them, the Nets won by 1 point!
Top Contributor
Usually wears: 4
Height: 5' 5"
Age: 34
Bust size: 32D
Body type: Hourglass
Weight: 127 lbs
Canonical User Type: 4534
Feb 27, 2014
Everyone noticed my hardware!
Overall fit: True to Size
Rented for: Party
Earrings are true to size as pictured. Just the perfect size for a little drama without looking huge or overpowering. Wore them with a long sleeved bronze sequin mini dress. These are clip ons, but not uncomfortable and not too heavy to wear all night. Note that there is a small topaz sparkle in the upper part.
Top Contributor
Usually wears: 12
Height: 5' 5"
Age: 27
Bust size: 36D
Body type: Full Bust
Weight: 160 lbs
Canonical User Type: 8434
Jan 12, 2014
Wound up not wearing
Overall fit: True to Size
Rented for: Date
The dress I ordered to wear with these arrived damaged, and the dress RTR sent to replace it didn't work well with gold so I wound up not wearing these. The size of these earrings is great and I liked the antiquey gold look (not a true, bright yellow gold). I wasn't crazy about the little yellow jewels in the top, but they're subtle so it wouldn't have been enough to keep me from wearing them had they still matched my dress. The big drawback was that these were clip-ons. Apparently I didn't read the description well enough because this was very surprising when I received them. In case other people didn't notice this while looking at these I'll repeat myself- THESE ARE CLIP-ON EARRINGS. I would have been terrified to wear them (in my experience clip-ons don't stay on very well). I liked the earrings but would not rent again because they are clip-ons.
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